4. Oct, 2021

Shed News Release - Oct. 2021

Hello, Dumfries Mens Shed has an announcement to make, regarding a grant award we were successful in achieving last month, from The National Lottery Community Fund!

We are very grateful to The National Lottery for deciding to award us this grant and believe in what we are doing here at Dumfries Mens Shed. We thank them very much for their support in approving our application.

The National Lottery Award was for the sum of £10,000.00 which was to be spent on new computers and printers in order to set up a Computer Suite room in our new property at 1 Cresswell gardens, Dumfries.

We purchased ten new all in one P.C`s plus 2 new printers split between the Computer Suite and the office. The computer suite room was recently decorated in preparation for the new computer’s arrival. We are currently working on making worktops for the computers etc to sit on then we can set these computers up ready for use.

It is our intention that members can use the computers to access the internet and if they have no computer experience, or very little, we can provide basic computer and internet literacy so that in future they can use the internet at home on their own devices to prevent them from being cut off from people in the event of sickness or another lockdown happening (let’s hope not). This is part of our core reasons for existing, to prevent isolation and the impact it has on both physical and mental health.

We were also successfully awarded a £1,500.00 grant from Age Scotland to upgrade our kitchen equipment and we will soon have the grant funds in order to proceed with this. Thank you very much to Age Scotland for this award and support both in the past and present.

We are also working on setting up an Art/Modelling/Craft Department room to provide our members with the opportunity to let loose with their creativity, or just have fun! This can also be very therapeutic to people for a variety of reasons, as they can lose themselves in their art for a while. We hope to have models that can be built and painted, people will be able to paint oil or acrylic painting on canvases, build clay models, draw in mature colouring books for adults, any sort of craft things our members may be interested in! Now, we have the room, which we hope to decorate soon, and we have the desks and chairs, but not very much else in the way of art/craft supplies. We do have an application in for art supplies with one grant organisation at present, but we have not heard from them, yet!

If anyone out there has new or good quality art/craft/modelling supplies that they may wish to donate, please get in touch with us to discuss this further. We would be very grateful to them as well as to any businesses out there involved in the Art/Craft/Modelling world, that would be willing to donate any supplies to us, so we can get the Art Department up and running.

Dumfries Mens Shed is an independent charity, we are run by our own Committee members for our members and not run by or integrated with any other group, despite apparent recent rumours to the contrary!  Finally, we wish to remember everyone out there that the Dumfries Mens Shed is open Monday to Friday, between 10am and 3pm, every weekday. You can come along and see for yourself all that we can offer! We need the support and regular attendance of all our existing members, as well as members of the local and wider community of Dumfries to come along and visit! 

Dumfries Mens Shed also offers PAT Testing at £2 per item. We now have Aldo M who is our acting chairman and Cameron K who is our IT Manager and Assistant Secretary who is certified to complete PAT Testing on equipment. If you are in and around Dumfries come on in and ask to get an item P.A.T Tested and we will do it as soon as we can, as stated above, we ask for a donation of £2 per item we P.A.T Test.

We would like to wish you all a Happy Halloween when it arrives!