24. Nov, 2021


Appeal for Calor Gas Heaters!

Dumfries Mens Shed would like to ask our supporters if anyone has any Calor Gas Heaters and/or Calor Gas Bottles that they would be willing to donate to us then please get in touch via our Facebook page or by e-mail etc. Also, if anyone has a Patio Heater they no longer want, we would also be happy to receive such a donation. Thanking you all in advance, Dfs Mens Shed.

Electric Bicycle Appeal!

We are looking for anyone that has a kit that attaches to the front wheel of an ordinary push-bike, that turns it into an electric bike to please get in touch if you are willing to donate it to Dumfries Mens Shed for a project. Alternatively, if anyone has an electric bike they no longer want, maybe it doesn`t work anymore, we would be interested in receiving such a donation.